18. May 2004

Dear fellow countrymen,

A few days ago I smelled the first smell of beautiful success, and my soul lifted up as if on a wave. This victorious euphoria was pleasing, and the great consequence of a long and educational struggle. Yet after having experienced victory and celebrating it with my dear supporters, I received an offer that was difficult to refuse.

Doubts were raised in my mind that perhaps my desire to sit as President of Iceland was not as sincere as I had thought. These doubts pushed me to review my candidacy for the office of President of Iceland and whether I am ready to forsake four years exactly at
this time, when the arts are booming and good fortune is following me along the artistic path.

Also, it doesn't take much insight to see that the upcoming presidential elections will be a total farce. My self-respect will not allow me to take part in this kind of circus.

I hereby rescind my candidacy for the office of President of Iceland, content and thankful for all my supporters and well-wishers. The question of whether I will be the sixth president of Iceland will not be answered at this time.

I congratulate Mr. Ólafur Ragnar Grímsson on his probable victory, and I am without a doubt that we can become good friends.

I feel affection for Ástþór and Baldur and hope that they each find the place in life that they are looking for.

And so I close this candidacy by quoting my five year old daughter when she said to me: "Daddy, don't be president, just be an artist."

Sincerely yours,

Snorri Ásmundsson

© Snorri Asmundsson
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